About Lead Anker

Lead Anker is an advertising agency in the field of online marketing.


We serve our valued partners mainly digitally in Germany and Europe. Here is an excerpt.
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The lead anker Team

Our team includes project managers, designers, graphic artists, web developers, as well as photographers and videographers. With our experience and process optimization, we carry out projects of all sizes quickly and with high quality.
Managing Director

Fabian Aldinger

B.Sc. Business Administration, M.Sc. Marketing
Customer contact

Fabian Woelke

Project management


B.A. Business Administration for SMEs

Fabian Schäfer






Swabian Gmünd



Gutenberg Digital Hub

Thinking and values

Value-based marketing. Value-based management.


Our work is significantly characterized by an economic way of thinking, with which we have your set business goals in mind. Focused on your economic success, we develop a sound marketing strategy and align our online measures accordingly. Due to our fast, efficient and resource-saving approach, we get the maximum added value out of your brand potential and the available budget.


In order to make marketing measures effective, a company should understand how its own target group "ticks" and at the same time draw on central psychological phenomena.
We not only think our way into your company, but also into the minds of your potential customers. Understanding your own target group is essential for the targeted triggering of purchasing decisions through an optimized marketing strategy.


In a world that is increasingly flooded with information, it is important to keep an overview. Which technology will still be current in five or ten years?
This is the question we ask ourselves to help you make the most sustainable decisions.
We have the necessary affinity for technology so that all hardware and software used is up-to-date now and in the future.


By creative action we mean the ability to meet a challenge with new, innovative ideas.
We do not only pay attention to a user-friendly and appealing design, but also create usable.
As unique as you and your project are, so unique is the solution we find with you.
Do we get to know each other?
Lead Anker is your advertising agency for online marketing. We are experts in web design, search engine optimization, image film and social media marketing.
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