7 reasons why you should do SEO in the Corona crisis


We live in modern, widely networked societies in which it is fundamentally and always true that no company is limited to the clientele that finds its way into a retail store. The more customers perceive a company, the greater its economic success.

At the moment, we are in the midst of a crisis that our society can only survive without major losses through extensive social isolation. This situation will continue for some time - and it leads to the fact that companies are now even more visible on the Internet. But it also leads the visible companies to a great many new customers who have finally had to learn how to shop on the Internet.

Who knows that visibility on the Internet is only about Search engine optimization has read enough now. For those companies that only dared to take their first steps on the Internet shortly before or during the Corona crisis, the connection between "Internet success and search engine optimization" is described in more detail below:

1. search engine optimization is the direct way to the virtual store door. 

Anyone who runs a retail store makes considerable efforts to ensure that the shop window and entrance are noticed by customers and that customers find their way to this retail store.

Anyone who sells their products or services over the Internet will only be found by customers if they are listed as a result of a customer search. He will only appear as the result of a search if his page contains some of the keywords that customers are looking for. Whether the company appears so far ahead in the search results that it catches the customer's eye depends on the search engine optimization of its Internet presence.

2. experienced Internet sellers can now rebrand themselves via search engine optimization

If you've been running your business on the Internet for a long time, you're inevitably moving along more or less well-worn tracks. Now is the time to break out and try out innovative ideas, because customers are very open to innovations right now.

You can try all the creative sales strategies that have been thought of and dismissed in the past. And you can also wonderfully try completely new things, see point 5.

Of course, all this can only have an effect if the SEO is adjusted and fueled accordingly.

3. right now many new customers are conquering the market, which you can "capture" through targeted search engine optimization.

Before the crisis, according to the German Federal Statistical Office, just under 90 % of adults with purchasing rights were already obtaining information about goods and services on the Internet - but this only resulted in an unbelievably meager 11.3 % in sales from e-commerce in the retail sector.

So the retail sector still has a huge amount of catching up to do - and it has never before been in such a favorable position in economic life to make up for these omissions (which are expensive for the retailer):

  • Across Germany, customers agree that they want to support the retail sector
  • The discrepancy between 90 % product information and 11 % retail internet purchases basically goes back to the same idea
  • But since buying locally is currently impossible, all these customers can be quickly converted (with search engine optimization) into online customers
  • At present, then, there are even a great many people in the environment of those untrained in Internet purchasing, who are ready for any help needed ...

A dream opportunity, despite the crisis in the background, which every retailer should definitely take advantage of; for the reasons described above, in any case also with SEO: search engine optimization is very fundamentally important here, because these "info-customers" are in the rarest cases crafty, active searchers, but rather let themselves be passively sprinkled. The time for this is also still available, even with an "almost therapeutic" background:

4. those who are just discovering the internet, now is the time to deal with SEO

The Corona Crisis causes most people some form of worry, whether it is financial or borne of fear for loved ones. Worries tend to become real mountains of worry if you give them too much time and too much attention.

Employment is therefore the magic word, which is why the media constantly advises all those affected by the Corona Crisis to structure their day well.

For the retailers who dare the first steps into the net on the occasion of the crisis, a good opportunity to deal with search engine optimization a little more closely. Starting from the simple basics: find and name the strengths of your offer, combine them creatively with a regional reference, look for the appropriate help for design, presentation and implementation (a consulting SEO agency will gladly take over all further steps, at present numerous new regional initiatives and networks are emerging in this area).

5. the Corona crisis gives room for new ways, also and especially in terms of SEO.

Unusual times call for unusual measures, which has already been made very clear to all of us with regard to the Corona crisis. What perhaps not every entrepreneur is aware of yet: In these unusual times, it is open to every market participant to use unusual measures to inspire old customers anew and to new customers to draw attention to its offer.

Enthusiasm and attention, however, only arrive at the right address in Corona times with perfect SEO - but then properly: Media reports about the company, which was able to win many new customers through unusual measures, are already circling the media in large numbers.

6. SEO campaigns can now help save businesses

After all, such unusual measures can be quite easily expanded at the moment into resounding SEO campaigns that can save the survival of companies.

Example: a Berlin-based fashion designer who specializes in lifelong, valuable favorites (which I'm sure are not the first thing people think of under the Corona threat).

This designer had the idea to donate 100 x self-sewn mouth guards to the "Heroes of the Crisis" for every garment sold - after two weeks she had sold (with very simple search engine optimization) 20 precious "pieces of life" and was in the process of hiring new staff to sew the 2,000 masks for nursing services, retirement homes, etc.

7. the crisis is the best time to strengthen customer loyalty through SEO

Not only the example, but also almost all other unusual measures are currently mostly and "quite automatically" designed in a way that touches customers emotionally.

There is no better way to retain customers or to strengthen customer loyalty in the long term - SEO can contribute significantly to this and set many additional, long-lasting accents.

There are several other arguments in favor of intensifying search engine optimization, especially during the crisis (also with a view to the "new era" afterwards). But already the listed points should have made sufficiently clear that good SEO is especially important for survival now - and they should have shown above all how many new opportunities search engine optimization opens especially now in the Corona crisis.

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