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Lead Anker is your contact for authentic and cinematic image films that present your company in the best possible way.

A Imagefilm describes the portrait of a company, brand or product presented in short film sequences of 2 to a maximum of 10 minutes. Within a short time it conveys and spreads the image of a company. The aim of the image film is to communicate above all the potential customers a closer insight into the company.
Don't feel like reading? Then see for yourself the effect of an image film with our showreel:

What is the process of an image film production?

The process of an image film production can be summarized in a total of 4 steps: Planning, conception, implementation and placement.

As a first step, we carry out a Briefing discussion a common Situation analysis where we exchange ideas and define goals. Through this briefing, the following questions should be answered: What goal do you want to achieve with your image film? What is your Core message? Who is your Target group? What makes your company stand out? The answers found to these questions and the resulting idea are of central importance for your image film and form the basis for further work for us at Lead Anker. 

In the second step, the Storyline defined as well as a videographic Concept The focus is on the exact content structure of your image film. Once you are satisfied with the concept, we begin with the production and implementation of your film project, using high-resolution drones and film cameras at various locations or on your premises. In doing so, we place great emphasis on authenticity and real emotions, so that your company is shown in the best light.

Once the shoot is over, it's time for post-production: Editing, color correction, sound design and the use of voice actors. This is where the real work usually begins. As soon as the material has been viewed, a pre-selection is made and it is determined which scenes will be included in the image film. Based on this preselection, it is possible to create a first rough cut. In the next step Corrections (e.g. color corrections) are carried out and animations and texts are inserted. The insertion of music depends on the project and takes place either directly after editing or only after the corrections.

The last step on the way to the completion of an image film is the hiring of voice actors. The Implementation time varies depending on size, scope and complexity of the project and moves within weeks.

What is important in an image film?

In the course of planning, the following point must absolutely be clarified for a good image film: Who is the Target group? With your image film you want to reach potential customers and increase your reach. However, this is only possible if the image film is tailored to your target group. 

If you are thinking about having an image film produced for your company, you should definitely consider a High quality and do not save on necessary costs, since the company or products behind it are always associated with the cinematic self-portrait. 

Also the film should authentic to give customers a personal and trusting impression of your company. The following applies: The more authentic and emotional the image film is designed, the more potential customers are interested in your company and can be recorded as visitors to your website.

In contrast to an advertising spot, which is mostly intended to stimulate purchases, an image film is more about the emotional connection of the customer to the company in the foreground. Since today's society wants to receive information in the shortest possible time and still be entertained in the best possible way, an image film should not take forever and should convey the core message briefly and concisely.  

After the production of the image film, it must also be markets become. Even the best image film will not be seen by anyone if it is not distributed on the appropriate channels and made accessible to the target group. At Lead Anker, we combine the know-how of an image film agency with that of an online advertising agency and offer you both steps - production and marketing - from a single source.

What are the advantages of creating an image film?

More awareness
Improved image
Improved external perception
Spectacular aerial photos
Authentic speakers
Multilingualism possible
4K or FullHD resolution possible
Production and marketing from a single source
An image film and thus the representation of one's own company in moving images can open up many advantages. Against the backdrop of an increasingly "lazy" society that has only a short attention span due to the abundance of digital information and prefers to consume content in video format, an image film is ideal for reaching potential customers. In doing so, you can show your target audience what your company is all about and use the opportunity to raise your profile. At the same time, a professionally produced image film ensures a positive perception and can thus contribute to the improvement of the company's image as well as bring economic success. 

We at Lead Anker guarantee you a production of the highest quality, so that the shots are displayed in the highest possible resolution - 4K or FullHD - and look razor sharp. In addition, we have the option of using our drones to incorporate impressive aerial shots into your image film. With a variety of voice actors, who are of course also available in other languages, your message will reach the customer directly. Shooting and marketing are handled by us from a single source

What you need to consider when choosing an image film agency

Before you entrust an image film agency in Baden-Württemberg with the realization of your project, you should definitely check your Set own goals as well as the available budget and, on the basis of these considerations, inform yourself extensively about potential providers. Afterwards, nothing beats the first personal contact, which is why it should become clear during the joint conversation whether the image film agency is suitable for working with your company. It is important that they are on the same wavelength and share similar ideas and values. Furthermore, you should be aware of the following at every step Voice be granted, because your satisfaction and best possible presentation should be the first priority in the production of an image film. 

Furthermore, a clearly recognizable Core message, the Stand out from the competition as well as the professional technical implementation always characterize an image film. In order for an agency to keep the company's goals in mind at every step of the process, a clear and well thought-out concept is required. For this, the image film agency must in advance all costs disclosed so that you don't get a nasty surprise after production. Additionally, your core message and associated goals should be clearly highlighted during the initial briefing. A good image film agency should Stay within budget and timeframein order to achieve a very good result as efficiently as possible.

Why is Lead Anker your top film agency?

We at Lead Anker from Schwäbisch Gmünd in Baden-Württemberg produce a tailor-made image film for you, in which your company is shown from its best side and your Showing strengths to their best advantage. With our help, your customers will get a personal insight into your company and build an emotional connection to your brand. As a competent partner at your side, we create your image film thereby completely according to your wishes and ensure that the short film is as meaningful as possible and optimally designed for your company. From the beginning of the planning, to the shooting, to the completion of the image film, we implement all steps for you with the highest standards in quality and effect. In order to ensure the uniqueness of your project, we place particular emphasis on ensuring that the image film is authentic, emotional and also captivating. 

But it is not enough to just produce a good image film, it should also be marketed. We at Lead Anker can do both! Through our comprehensive range of online marketing measures, which also includes social media, we can increase the reach of your image film and your company at the same time. This also raises your profile and allows you to reach more potential customers. Besides our creative ideasWe take over the planning, realization as well as the marketing of your image film - which is a great advantage for you. Time saving means!
We at Lead Anker will be happy to advise you on all aspects of image films: 

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