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Search engine optimization (SEO) explained in 60 seconds:

With SEO on in a natural and sustainable way Receive more relevant requests

Search engine optimization is a strategic marketing activity to position your website visibly for relevant keywords in search services like Google in the long term.

A sustainable strengthening of your market position.

Search engines only place trustworthy websites at the top of search results. Through a visible placement, your website sends this signal. Thus, relevant visitors reach your website naturally. Visible placement not only positions your company as an authority in your segment and inspires trust in potential customers, but also saves you the cost of advertisements. With these, the streams of visitors fall away immediately when the ad is switched off and are therefore not sustainable.

The Lead Anker SEO Promise

Fixed price

SEO you get with us at a fixed price. No hidden follow-up costs.


The use of the best software ensures that we have an overview of your project.

Up to Date

We continuously educate ourselves in the field of SEO to be up to date for you.


Our goal is for you to reap results for as long as possible with our measures.

Lead Anker
Search Engine Marketing

SEO Audit

A detailed analysis will show you the strengths and weaknesses of your site in terms of search engine visibility.

On-page optimization

Optimizing the content of your site results in search engines like Google being able to index and rank your site better.

Off-page optimization

Strengthening factors outside of your site will lead to more authority in search results and therefore more visibility and new visitors.

Technical optimization

We make your site faster and easier to index through technical optimization. This pleases not only your visitors, but also Google.

SEO content creation

We create content that search engines and your website visitors love, so your site gains visibility and authority.

Local SEO

Do you have a business with a local customer base? Then it's time for you to be visible to potential customers specifically in your region.

Google Maps SEO

Nowadays, companies are not only found through normal search, but also via map services such as Google Maps. This can also be optimized.

Conversion optimization

We look at the user behavior of your website visitors and optimize your site in line with your goals.

Consulting and workshops

You would like to optimize yourself? Let us advise you individually or book one of our SEO workshops.

Do we want to start?

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