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Website Marketing

The website is the only online channel that you have 100 % control over. We create fast, user-friendly websites that achieve your business goals. Naturally also for mobile devices and with our own hosting. Our websites not only look good, but are characterized above all by the fact that they attract and convert relevant target groups.

Search engine Marketing

We help you gain more visibility on the web so that your website becomes a platform for achieving your business goals. We ensure that your company appears higher up and more visible in search engines, is clicked on more and thus brings new visitors to your website in the long term. We also optimize other factors in and around your website, such as the loading time or your visibility on Google Maps. Pull ahead of your competitors and receive more inquiries.

Video Marketing

With professional filming, we transport your messages directly to the target group. We are not only your partner for recording and production, but can also market your film through all online channels. In addition, we have capabilities for aerial shots, 4k production and a large network of voice actors. We portray your company authentically and cinematically so that your message becomes a statement.

Social media Marketing

Lead Anker is your expert for all areas of social networks as an advertising agency. We help you develop the right strategy for these channels, publish the right content, run ads, generate leads and much more. In short, we use social networks to reach your potential customers and draw attention to your company. In doing so, we exhaust all possibilities: authentic content from your company, advertising campaigns, retargeting, branding, chatbots and much more.

Frequently asked questions

An advertising agency is a service organization that specializes in helping brands effectively communicate their messages to their target audiences.

In the field of online marketing, an advertising agency helps companies develop and implement strategies and campaigns in digital channels. This can include website design and development, search engine optimization (SEO), social media management, content creation, film production, online advertising and much more.
An advertising agency can help your business improve its online presence by creating a professional and user-friendly website, increasing your visibility in search engines through SEO, developing and implementing effective social media strategies, creating engaging and valuable content, and running targeted online advertising campaigns.

All of these actions can help achieve your business goals and strengthen your brand.

Working with an advertising agency offers several advantages over conducting marketing activities in-house.

First, advertising agencies have specialized knowledge and experience in various areas of marketing that may not be available internally.

Second, they can take an objective look at your marketing strategies and tactics and identify areas that need improvement.

Third, they can save you time and resources by taking over complex or time-consuming tasks so you can focus on other aspects of your business.
An advertising agency can increase your brand's visibility in the digital world by using a number of strategies and tactics.

This includes optimizing your website for search engines (SEO), running online advertising campaigns, developing and implementing a social media strategy, creating and distributing high-quality content that highlights your brand, and more. Every organization needs an individual, suitable stratagem. For a consultation on this, feel free to contact us.
An advertising agency can help you effectively reach your target audience by developing a deep understanding of your audience and then creating marketing strategies and tactics tailored to that audience.

This can include choosing the right online channels to communicate with your target audience, creating content that is relevant and engaging to your audience, and running targeted advertising campaigns based on your audience's specific needs and interests.
Due to different services and wishes of the customer, it is hardly possible to make a blanket statement. Factors such as the scope and time frame of the project influence the price.

Lead Anker services are always available at a fixed price wherever possible. Thus, our customers have planning security and there are no cost delays. For a quote for your project, simply contact us.
Our locations are in Schwäbisch Gmünd and Mainz. We serve our customers digitally worldwide.
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