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Why Lead Anker Lead Anker?

Many companies struggle to effectively manage their presence in digital channels. Little time, lack of technical knowledge and constant digital change are often the cause.
As a young advertising agency with offices in Schwäbisch Gmünd and Mainz, we have made it our mission to help companies achieve their goals through online marketing. In doing so, we focus on a range of measures - to generate short- and long-term results.
Our areas of expertise include website marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing and image film marketing.
What are these measures and how do they help your company? Here we present our expertise briefly and in summary.

Website Marketing

The website is the only online channel you have under your control at 100%. We create fast, user-friendly websites that achieve your business goals. Of course, also for mobile devices and with our own hosting. Our websites not only look good, but excel at attracting and converting relevant visitors.

Search engine Marketing

Your website is invisible on search engines like Google? We help you gain more visibility on the web so that your website becomes a platform to achieve your business goals. We make sure that your company appears higher and more visible in search engines, gets more clicks and thus brings sustainable new visitors to your website. In addition, we optimize other factors in and around your website such as load time or your visibility on Google Maps. Move past your competition and get more inquiries.

Imagefilm Marketing

With professional filming, we transport your messages directly to the target group. We are not only your partner for recording and production, but can also market your film through all online channels. In addition, we have capabilities for aerial shots, 4k production and a large network of voice actors. We portray your company authentically and cinematically so that your message becomes a statement.

Social media Marketing

Lead Anker is your expert for all areas of social networks as an advertising agency. We help you develop the right strategy for these channels, publish the right content, run ads, generate leads and much more. In short, we use social networks to reach your potential customers and draw attention to your company. In doing so, we exhaust all possibilities: authentic content from your company, advertising campaigns, retargeting, branding, chatbots and much more.


Our locations are in Schwäbisch Gmünd and Mainz. We serve our customers digitally worldwide.
The support of an advertising agency can always be advantageous, because in most cases the advertising agency offers the supervision of an entire project. When commissioned, experts from all specialist areas are usually available. If you want to increase the visibility of your company and reach customers in a targeted manner, you need professional marketing.
In addition to reliable services or high-quality products, a company also needs a publicly effective appearance. By the assignment of an advertising agency the enterprise is substantially relieved and brings besides economically large successes. It is therefore worthwhile for just about every company with customer contact to commission an advertising agency.
Each company needs an individual message, so that the customer directly learns what the advantages of the company are. In addition, of course, the price-performance ratio should be fair. The company should be better, faster and more innovative than the competition. This also includes an optimized online presence.
Due to different services and wishes of the customer, it is hardly possible to make a blanket statement. Factors such as the scope and time frame of the project influence the price. Lead Anker's services are always available at a fixed price, if possible. Thus, our customers have planning security and there are no cost delays. For a quote for your project, simply contact us.
The advertising agency should understand your goals, internalize them and thus be more of a partner at eye level than a mere service provider. Furthermore, it is important to receive personal and comprehensive support. The advertising agency should respond individually to your wishes and needs.
Lead Anker is your advertising agency for online marketing. We are experts in web design, search engine optimization, image film and social media marketing.
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