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Social media marketing explained in 60 seconds:

Your brand Sustainable strengths and retain new and existing customers

The correct use of social media as a marketing tool has a direct positive impact on sales, reach, brand perception, customer interactions and service, is data-driven and is therefore one of the most effective marketing strategies of our time.

Successful with the right strategy.

Despite the many opportunities offered by social media marketing, many companies fail to achieve the desired results in this area. This can be due to factors such as inconsistency, treating social media like classic media, too much advertising, or low technical understanding (e.g. of the Facebook and Instagram algorithm).

To successfully use social media as a marketing channel, you need to be active on the right platforms, consistently publish high-quality posts, interact with users, be proactive, and implement a strategy in line with your business interests. In addition, technical and statistical knowledge is a prerequisite. Then you will be more than one step ahead of your competitors. We are happy to help you with this.

The Lead Anker Social media promise

Fixed price

You receive our social media services at a fixed price. No hidden follow-up costs.


Our work is tailored to your company and your needs.


We familiarize ourselves with your company and your target group so that we can speak with your voice.


We monitor your channels and summarize the most important key figures for you.

Lead Anker
Social Media Marketing

Social media strategy

Without the right strategy, efforts on social media are in vain. No matter what your goal - we create the right social media and content strategy for you and your business.

Brand Story

In the short-lived social media world, emotions sell particularly well. We help you create an authentic story around your company to reach your customers emotionally.

Professional content

We create the engaging and authentic images, text and videos with professional equipment that your business deserves and your followers like.

Reputation Management

A common way to get information about product characteristics, handling and possible difficulties is to read the reviews of other customers on the Internet. We take care of and manage your reputation and rating management.

Retargeting strategies

Users often visit social networks and inquire about your company's products and services - but do not take advantage of them. We create retargeting strategies for you, with which we repeatedly address these particularly interesting target groups.


One of the most effective advertising strategies is social media ads. These ads are extremely well-targeted, affordable, measurable, and high-reach. Hit your target audience more accurately than ever before.

Data-driven optimization

Online marketing makes it possible to quantify user behavior. We regularly look at your company's performance on social networks and continuously optimize your online success.

Community management

We take over the constant exchange with your followers and subscribers. We establish a community management so that we are always available for your fans and you immediately get to know what wishes and suggestions your customers have.

Consulting and workshops

Would you like to take your social media into your own hands? Contact us for individual advice or book one of our workshops.

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