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From conception to marketing - with Lead Anker you increase your digital reach and arouse real emotions!
The screen shines in atmospheric colors, a deep narrator's voice begins and, accompanied by rhythmically fitting music, we are immersed in thrilling visual worlds - like no other medium, films arouse enthusiasm, trigger emotions and create a feeling of closeness. In addition to the entertainment value, the video format also offers the possibility of grasping information in the shortest possible time, which is why content is consumed with preference in this form of presentation in today's world.

Against this background, more and more Company from Mainz on a professional film productionto reach their target group with an event film, commercial, image film, social media video, recruiting film or even via livestream. All questions that arise in connection with the topic of film production, we have answered here on this page for you.
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But before that, you can take a first look at our video productions - for this purpose, we have compiled excerpts from the most diverse, already realized projects in a Showreel united:
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Why are the production and marketing of films becoming increasingly important for companies from Mainz?

Future-oriented and at the same time mindful of the Memory of times gone by - The special feature of Mainz can best be described by referring to the interaction of these actually contradictory concepts. Using architecturally modern buildings in the midst of historically significant monuments, such as the Cathedral of St. Martin, this Atmosphere in the city center up close and personal.

Annual events such as the book fair, the Christmas market or the carnival, known as the fifth season, speak for the preservation of long traditions. In addition, the Capital of Rhineland-Palatinate through a well well-developed infrastructure and thus the optimal connection to surrounding cities - such as Wiesbaden, Frankfurt am Main, Koblenz, Aschaffenburg, Heidenheim or Mannheim.

Mainz thus offers the best conditions on the one hand for its approximately 220,000 inhabitants, who benefit from the high quality of life on the banks of the Rhine, and on the other hand - as a flourishing business location - also for Companies from a wide range of industries. In addition to the manufacturing industry and the healthcare sector, the media landscape, which is important throughout Germany with the ZDF broadcasting station and the Rhein-Main publishing group, is particularly noteworthy. In addition, thanks to the large, diversified range of studies, not only a strong willingness to research and innovate is guaranteed, but also a workforce with top training in the future.

Due to the great competition that exists, it is important for companies from Mainz to position themselves consciously, to distinguish themselves from the competition and to attract the attention of the target group with appropriate measures. In this day and age, the right way to deal with the digital transformation and the resulting effective online marketing often the Key to sustainable success. The video format is particularly suitable for presenting and advertising oneself, and is thus an important instrument of a holistic marketing strategy.
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What business goals can be realized with a film production?

It doesn't matter whether it's a catering business, a medium-sized company or an internationally active corporation: Across all industries, contacts with existing customers as well as business partners must be maintained and potential new customers must be acquired - precisely for these core tasks, the Online area many opportunities to take action.

The corporate landscape in the state capital of Rhineland-Palatinate has also undergone a rethink in recent years, and in the future many companies want to achieve their goals through effective online marketing reach. Why companies need a Film production - than the production of audiovisual moving images - should consider for their advertising campaign, learn here:

Expansion of customer relationships

Images from the company's own production halls or interview clips with employees: personal insights into the company appeal on an emotional level and build a relationship with viewers.

Authentic presentation

Authentic film material creates a credible presentation of the company in comparison to campaigns that appear contrived and optimally stages the brand, product or service in front of the target group.

Conveying the core message

In the face of fierce competition, companies need to position their own brand and convince the target group, with the core message best conveyed in an emotionally appealing way in moving images.

Expansion of the range

If an individually tailored online marketing strategy is pursued - with the integration of various, digital measures - professionally produced film scenes can increase the awareness of a company enormously.

Image improvement

Advertising measures, especially a film production, are representative of a company and act, so to speak, as a figurehead for its own brand - which is why an improved external perception is a core objective.

Increase in the number of applicants

In addition to potential customers, existing customers, and business partners, well-marketed video footage also gets to see motivated talent, which is why companies can expect an increase in job applications in the long run.

What are the advantages of working with a professional film production agency?

Ads on the Internet, commercial breaks in the TV program, or posts on social networks - in the fast-paced world characterized by digitization, every day people try to numerous sources of informationto draw our attention to themselves. Among them are mainly companies that use various marketing measures to promote their products, convey trust or increase brand awareness. Nowadays, however, this is not an easy task in view of the ever shorter attention spans and the huge competition. Within a few seconds, the Interest of potential customers aroused, desired emotions generated and the Core message conveyed in a concise manner because that's the only way a company or brand will be remembered in the long term. For this to succeed, film productions can offer the decisive competitive advantage and convince in an emotionally appealing, authentic way.

Wondering what that might look like? Here you can get an insight into one of our film productions:
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Of course, corporate players can also grab a camera or smartphone themselves and capture impressions from their own halls, for example, and play them out on various digital channels. Which is why, nevertheless, it is often decided to work together with a professional videographers The following points show how the decision to make a larger investment is made:

High quality standard

Razor-sharp images, shake-free camera work, perfect exposure and clear sound recordings make for a professional appearance - but require high-quality production by experienced videographers.

Experience and know-how

An expert knows how film productions work and the consumer behavior of the target group, which is usually reached digitally, and creates - packed into a few minutes of film - the concise, authentic communication of the core message.

Technical equipment

In order to achieve the company's goals, a professional videographer uses state-of-the-art equipment such as drones or high-resolution camera technology, the purchase of which involves a large investment.
If you are also thinking about the production of professional film recordings, the Cooperation with a film agency a huge added valueThe initial investment will pay off over time. Another point in favor of professional support from experienced videographers is that a film production always involves more than just the actual filming, and so many other areas of work are added, as can be read below.

How does a professional film agency in the Rhine-Main area work?

"We've got everything in the can" - Until this sentence can be uttered in connection with a film production, many work steps are necessary that are not limited to the film shoot itself. For example, already in the run-up - during the so-called Preproduction - many organizational and conceptual aspects have to be clarified in order to Filming as smoothly as possible. Following on from this, the raw material then has to be processed as part of the Postproduction to finalize and for the Marketing to prepare for the target group.

If companies decide to work with a professional film agency in the Mainz area, experienced experts with the necessary knowledge are on hand throughout the entire film production process. During all these phases, which we would like to present to you in more detail below, there is constant coordination between all those responsible for the project, so that the end result also fully meets the customer's expectations.








Preproduction as the first work step

All work steps in preparation for an upcoming film shoot are summarized under the term pre-production and serve to counteract possible risks and delays in the project process. At the beginning of the process, the Analysis of the actual situation of the client company, whereby it is particularly important to consider the target group, interesting markets as well as the industry with possible competitors. Based on the insights gained here, the goals derived from them, and the expressed customer wishes, a film agency creates the Conception of the project. In this process, an initial idea is condensed into a concrete plan with regard to the content, the desired visuals and the scenic sequence in order to convey the core message concisely and in the right way. Once these preliminary considerations have been established in the form of a shooting plan, the agency also takes care of all the organizational tasks, This can include putting together the crew, location scouting including obtaining a filming permit, conducting castings with contract negotiations or even providing the necessary resources - such as costumes or props.

Shooting as the second work step

Once pre-production is complete, the task is to realize the project in a professional manner and thus capture the planned images in a targeted manner. The equipment needed for this, technical equipment A film agency puts together a film depending on the requirements, such as the desire for drone shots, a high resolution or the recording of multiple perspectives. In addition, the experienced videographers or the film crew involved pay attention to the appropriate camera work, the right lighting and good sound quality during the shooting. After successful shooting days, the recorded material is saved on data carriers and is thus ready for further editing.

Postproduction as the third work step

After filming, the raw material is usually available in large quantities, which is why the first step in post-production is to sift through all the footage, to Selection of suitable scenes and their arrangement in a logical sequence. In order to bring the individual sequences into a coherent whole whose rhythm supports the core message to be conveyed, a film agency often uses a variety of editing techniques. The final step is the digital postprocessingThe atmosphere can be enhanced, for example, through appropriate color correction, the insertion of animations or with suitable sound design. At the end of this postproduction phase, the client company can look forward to the finished film, which, with its high quality, has the potential to appeal to the target group emotionally and positively influence external perception.

Marketing as the fourth work step

Since even the best videographic representation of a company offers no added value if no one gets to see it, the work of a film agency should not end with the completion of the video. Rather, it is at this point - with the development and execution of an individual marketing strategy - that the real challenge begins. In order to build up a large reach and draw the attention of the target group to the company presented, the message must be conveyed in the individually appropriate way. In addition to offline measures such as print media, companies can frequently use the known social media channels Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or even YouTube. Since the tone, but also the type of content as well as the required format differ greatly on the individual platforms, an agency can provide support here, optimize posts, place paid advertising or interact with users. In addition, the integration of the video on the website should always be considered. own homepage which, of course, requires that the company's online presence is characterized by a high level of user-friendliness, clear navigation, and a good findability in search engines like Google.
In summary, it can be said that film production often involves more effort and expense than might initially be expected or when viewing a finished video. At the same time, however, a high added value for the company can be expected, which more than justifies a corresponding investment at the beginning of the project. The costs associated with such a positive self-portrayal can be seen in our Blog post "How much does an image film cost?"In this report, all cost centers are clearly presented.

One thing in advance: The price is very variable and depends on many factors, such as the length of the film, the conceptual scope or the number of shooting days - but also the type of film production can play a role.
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What formats can a videographer realize in the course of a film production?

The possibilities for the use of film productions are very broad and can range from integration on one's own homepage, to playing at trade fairs, to distribution via social media. According to the targeted Intended use, but also the target group to be addresseda company should therefore decide - in cooperation with a film agency - for a specific video format decide

In the midst of the wide range, here is an overview of the most common types of film production:

Event film

Capture the highlights of your event in high-resolution moving images that capture the atmosphere.

Social media video

In the right format and tone, you reach your target audience and interact in real time!


In just a few minutes, the company is authentically portrayed and the core message is brought to the point on film.

Product video

Properly staged, the appealing presentation of products and services of all kinds succeeds.


With creative concepts, humorous performances or exciting twists, you will score points with your target group.

Recruiting film

With authentic insights into your company, you motivate potential employees to apply for a job with you.
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Why is Lead Anker the right partner for your film production?

Any Company is unique and, in addition to the services offered, always represents a message that can be conveyed to the outside world, especially through a promotional film. Since a Film production thus also always a very individual project With different requirements in each case, companies need to find the right film agency for the job.

And this is where we come in: with a special focus on digital marketing, we at Lead Anker are your competent Partner for film productions in Mainz. Why we are the right choice for your project implementation, from the first idea to the final film, you can find out here:

Holistic approach

From conception, to shooting, to post-production - we support you along the entire process of a film production. But since even the best video recordings offer no added value if no one gets to see them, our work does not end there. As an online advertising agency we combine our knowledge in different areas of the digital marketing and thus pursue a holistic approach. According to this, we use targeted measures to ensure that the professionally produced video recordings are also seen by the target group and sustainably contribute to the Corporate success Contribute.

Economic mindset

All of our online marketing activities are focused on your economic success as well as the achievement of the associated corporate goals - such as the acquisition of new customers - have top priority. By working in a resource-saving and time-efficient manner along the entire course of the project, we manage to achieve the maximum added value for you and your company. Thanks to our business background, we plan and calculate precisely at the beginning so that you can benefit from our fixed price guarantee and sit back and relax during the film production. 

Modern equipment

In times of streaming services, social media and video platforms, movies have become an essential part of everyday life, available at any time and usually just a few clicks away. In view of the multitude of video recordings, the interest of potential customers cannot be aroused with shaky, home-made film footage, but only with unique visual worlds. Since the quality of an advertising film allows direct conclusions to be drawn about the brand behind it or the company portrayed, a quality production mandatory nowadays. For this purpose, we have the most modern technology, which of course will convey your message in highest resolution and can insert spectacular aerial photos with the help of drones.

Creative implementation

Today, the possible areas of application for film productions are almost unlimited and range from image films and livestreams to videos for playout on social media platforms. In order to be able to meet these very different requirements in each case, we create unique solutions that are evident in both creative conceptions and cinematic implementation. In doing so, we not only produce future advertising films for a wide variety of purposes, but also tell stories on original, innovative way a story - hopefully soon that of your company or brand.
Immerse your target group in special, high-resolution imagery, inspire them with creative concepts and get your corporate message across - with Lead Anker you tell your story in authentic film footage!


Still need a targeted social media strategy or a modern website that shows up in the top search results and really shows off your film production? At Lead Anker, we offer holistic solutions for your Online Marketing - convince yourself:
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